The Crypto Market has just had the biggest crash in 7 months!! Altcoins have been destroyed and the question โ€œIs the worst over for Crypto?!!โ€. Today we unpack our strategy, what actually happened and what we need to expect moving into this weekend and next week!! A VERY IMPORTANT SHOW!!


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00:00 Show Summary & Intro
02:35 Brutal Correction
03:00 Liquidations
03:15 Bitcoin Down 10k
04:00 Fear & Greed Index
04:15 Leverage Flushed Out
05:55 Healthy Correction
06:25 Evergrande Warning
08:10 Omicron FUD
09:00 FED May Expedite Tapering
11:00 Labor Market Stagnating
12:36 Biden Has a Cold
13:03 Slow-Down Imminent
14:23 Bitcoin Dumps
15:20 Bitcoin Trading Strategy
16:30 Market Cycles are Changing
17:40 Bitcoin Outlook
18:35 Relative Strength Index RSI
19:18 Previous Bull Cycles
19:55 Fed is Slowing the Economy
21:43 NASDAQ Chart
24:20 DXY US Dollar Index
25:00 Bitcoin Dominance
25:33 ETH / BTC Pair Breakout
27:30 Market will Slow Down
27:50 Bitcoin Price Prediction
28:44 CoinPanel Stop-Losses!
34:09 Billionaires Selling Stock
34:35 CEOs Starting to Resign
36:58 Where We Are Now
37;32 Futures Flush-Out
38:43 Coinbase Bitcoin Index
39:27 Exchange Flow Index
39:52 Miners are Not Selling
40:12 The Worst is Over
40:43 Leverage Chart
41:06 Three Groups of Viewers
42:30 Time to DCA
42:50 Deploy Now Tweet
43:30 What Ran Bought
43:55 Wait for Direction
44:55 Put in Cheeky Orders
47:22 Shake-Out Imminent
48:00 Move Shitcoins to Good Coins
48:50 Don’t Leverage Trades
49:00 Plan Your Portfolio Now
50:08 Trader Joe
50:25 Ran’s Portfolio
51:30 BTC Dominance
51:58 UST Peg Stress Test
53:05 Terra (LUNA)
53:45 Kujira (KUJI)
54:00 Fantom – Tomb Peg Holding
55:24 Don’ts
56:16 We’ve Seen This Before, Chill!
56:49 #Afterbanter

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