Why Ethereum is so Valuable | HUGE ETH NEWS 🚨

Breaking down why Ethereum is so valuable by separately evaluating the value of Ether crypto currency and the Ethereum network. We’ll cover all of the value drivers in detail and wrap up with the most recent Ethereum news and where Ethereum is headed in the future. This is going to change everything.

Time Stamps:

00:00 Ether vs. Ethereum
01:03 Value of Ether
05:10 Value of Ethereum Network
07:03 Combined Ethereum Value
09:52 Big Ethereum News

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Blockfi – https://blockfi.com/
Celsius – https://celsius.network/
Etoro – etoro.com/en-us/
Lido – lido.fi
Yoroi (Cardano Wallet) – https://yoroi-wallet.com/#/
Coinbase Staking – coinbase.com/staking

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