What's wrong with UMI staking? The evolution into a blockchain platform for DeFi

UMI plans. Why did the inflation and the fall in the UMI exchange rate occur? What went wrong? Why did staking start playing against the UMI cryptocurrency? Transformation of UMI staking into a blockchain platform for DeFI and what are DeFI markets in general? Watch the video and find out in what direction the UMI blockchain ecosystem plans to develop.

UMI Manifest: https://umi.top/OneApp_en.pdf
UMI Official Website: https://umi.top/
UMI telegram channel: https://t.me/umi_news_eng
UMI on SIGEN pro: https://sigen.pro/trading/UMI_BTC
UMI on BIBOX: https://www.bibox.com/en/exchange/basic/UMI_USDT

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