Verasity staking ] 19% return Staking Verasity on coinspot. #verasity #vra #crypto #passiveincome

In this crypto tenderfoot video I will be talking about the staking features on coinspot. Verasity coin gets a 19% return. if you hold verasity staking the coin is fast and easy on coinspot. #vra #verasity #verasitycoin #bitcoin #passiveincome

Use this link to sign up to coinspot

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As the channel name suggests I am a crypto tenderfoot, my aim is to provide a channel that offers true crypto experiences from someone that is new to the space.
I have been in crypto for just over 1 year I was lucky enough to not lose money in 2021 which was easy as everything was going up, but in no way is this financial advice just what I am thinking and doing personally.
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