Top Crypto Gaming Coins on KuCoin

These are 5 cryptocurrencies in different areas of crypto gaming. This video is to help you understand them.

Disclaimer: This is not financial advice. This video does not endorse any of these coins. You need to do your own research and form your own opinion before making an investment.

And when you’re ready, these crypto gaming coins and many more can be found on Kucoin.

This is the Kucoin series, Explore Crypto Sectors and we’ll be covering 5 cryptocurrencies in crypto gaming. Crypto gaming is exploding so you’ll want which is why you need this video, crypto games explained.

00:00 Best Crypto Gaming Projects
00:40 What is Crypto gaming?
02:19 Decentraland Review (MANA Coin)
03:33 Utlra Review (UOS Coin)
04:56 Gala Games Review (GALA Coin)
06:25 Enjin Review (ENJ Coin)
09:37 Yield Guild Games Review (YGG Coin)


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