These 5 ALTCOINS Are About To EXPLODE! (Urgent) | Best Cryptocurrency To Invest 2021

These are the top 5 Altcoins that will make mIllionaires in 2 weeks, as we are in the middle of another crypto bull market. Enjoy!!!

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In this video, we will be going over the top 5 altcoins that could make millionaires very shortly, as we are in the middle of another bull market with Bitcoin leading the way.

There are hundreds of bad coins out there in the market, but there are a few coins out there are worth taking the risk and holding on to them for the long run, such as Ethereum, Cardano or Polygon Matic and Bitcoin. So be sure to watch the video ” These 5 Crypto Coins Are About To EXPLODE! (Urgent) | Best Cryptocurrency To Invest 2021″ To get a better idea of how to research cryptocurrencies and for my top 5 cryptocurrency picks ready to explode in 2021 going into 2022.

One of the coins we will be going over is Ethereum, first we have the EThereum 2.0 merge happening between may and June of 2022 according to the developers…the code should be ready in february 2022, and the merge on the mainnet should be ready in June 2022 at the earliest….and think about this, that’s where NFTs are, and thats where most of DeFi is, also 2 years ago Open Sea did 8.3 million dollars in volume for the entire year…. The past two days? Well, the Open sea did 155 million dollars in volume… NFTs and Etehreum are here to stay. Not Only that, but over 500 thousand ETH have been burned since the EIP 1559 launch, thats over 2 billion dollars burned forever

Ethereum, often known as Ether, is the second-largest cryptocurrency in the world, after only Bitcoin. It implemented a big update over the summer, which included a reduction in Ether supply. The upgrade will also increase the Ethereum network’s scalability and decrease transaction costs by allowing it to handle more transactions per second. Ether has a lot of potential because the update will happen before the end of 2021.

Now, I know that there are other cryptocurrencies out there, such as cardano, who is right now the third spot of kilowatt consumption.. And cardano was actually founded by Charles Hoskinso, who was one of the co founders of Ethereum,

Another great pick from the list is Vechain. Now Vechain have just partnered with the world’s largest Logistics company, NHL for enterprise NFT issuance, and this is a big deal because Because Vechain has to deal with everything that is logistics and they help bring a ton of transparency to the supply chain, and just for some clarity, this is VHL china, so they keep expanding…

.. And it has been a while since I talked about Vechain, here’s a quick overview.

Vechain is a cryptocurrency that is used in the supply chain business. It is intended to make goods, transportation, management, and purchases far more efficient, transparent and much simpler than existing fiat money-based methods.

The luxury goods sector has lost 450 billion dollars. VeChain seeks to minimize these risks. If the product includes an intelligent chip that can be tracked at an immutable ledger that keeps all the data, it is impossible for an authentic product to go missing in the supply chain or for the consumer to get a fraudulent product.

It enables for quality control since it offers the operators control over the product.

VeChain has a number of collaborations with firms all around the world that are evaluating the use of blockchain technology in the supply chain sector and it also aims to power real-world supply chain logistics systems to simplify and secure the global transfer of products and services. It features a highly active development team and a very clear white paper.

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