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This is the story of a Liquid Legend.

One of the most decorated & accomplished players in NA CS history, NAF FLY has been taking names & winning trophies for years against the toughest opponents in the world.

But until now, no one had ever heard the behind the scenes story of his mindset and how he approached the game. Coinbase asked us to tell his story from his unique perspective as well as bringing his teammates & girlfriend in to tell their side of the story.
What we got was a revolutionary concept: Sloth Life.

Hear from EliGE, YEKINDAR, daps, JokaSteve, Keith’s girlfriend Bianca, his pet sloth Gilbert and more as they share their experiences of what it’s like to play with NAF, what motivates him and what’s running through his head clutch after clutch in the most high pressure situations in Counter-Strike.

This is the story of NAF FLY.

Thank you to Coinbase for providing us the opportunity to share these stories with our amazing community and continuing to enable us to make fun content!
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00:00 Teammates talk about NAF
00:28 WTF is Sloth Day?
00:40 Coinbase presents Liquid Legends
00:47 Keith’s GF spills
01:20 NAF’s unusual pet
01:40 NAF’s playstyle
02:06 Keeping calm in CSGO
03:15 Sloth Style
04:55 Sloth Day
05:56 NAF & Bianca visit the Zoo
06:23 Zookeeper Interview
06:46 NAF’s plans after CSGO
07:27 NAF’s Mindset
08:07 NAF’s Legacy
08:23 Credits & Thank You

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