The FTX Podcast #45: Crypto Venture Capital Investors

On episode #45 of the FTX Podcast, Santiago Santos discusses open-source software, cryptocurrency venture capitalist, and DeFi. Also, he discussed Parafi’s team, investors, and investment strategies. If you are interested in learning more about crypto venture capital investors, please keep watching this video.
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0:00 Santiago Santos’s Introduction to Crypto
3:10 Open-Source Software
5:19 Game Theory
10:05 Ethereum (ETH)
12:18 Parafi
14:05 Getting Crypto Investors
16:05 Getting Parafi Investors
18:29 Investment Thesis
23:53 Parafi’s Team
24:15 Crypto Venture Capital Team
25:34 Crypto Venture Capital Investments
30:07 Crypto Venture Capital Investors
41:04 DeFi Investments
43:25 Open-Source DeFi
50:35 Crypto Founder Advice

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