State of the Bear Market: Special Report (Bitcoin and Ethereum Onchain Analysis)

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The performance of the digital asset market in the first half of 2022 has been remarkably challenging for investors, but has the worst of the storm passed by?

Topics for Discussion:
– Evolving fundamental market structure during the bear.
– Risk-off sentiment and how it shows up in onchain metrics.
– BTC and ETH trading below their Realized prices.
– Stress developing in the BTC and ETH mining industry.

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0:00 Introduction
2:30 Monthly Price Performance
3:50 BTC vs ETH Market Dominance
5:46 Total Value Locked in DeFi (TVL)
6:58 Stablecoin Dominance vs Ethereum
8:38 Stablecoin Supplies
9:33 Stablecoin Dominance
10:20 The Bitcoin Bear Market
11:09 Bitcoin Realized Price and MVRV
12:22 Bitcoin MVRV Cohorts
13:50 Bitcoin NUPL
14:45 Bitcoin Net Realized Profit/Loss
16:50 Ethereum Bear Market
17:30 Ethereum Realized Price and MVRV
18:06 Staked ETH Realized Price
19:13 Staking Provider Dominance of Lido
20:12 Ethereum NUPL
20:43 Ethereum Net Realized Profit/Loss
21:12 Bitcoin Difficulty Price
22:40 Mining Revenues
23:36 BTC Hash Ribbons
24:25 Bitcoin Miner Capitulation
25:25 Bitcoin Miner Balances
25:55 Ethereum Miner Capitulation
26:45 Summary and Conclusions

The Glassnode video report provides a weekly analysis update of the trends, performance, and onchain metrics for Bitcoin and the crypto market.

This report does not provide any investment advice. All data is provided for information purposes only. No investment decision shall be based on the information provided here and you are solely responsible for your own investment decisions.

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