Six Things I Love About Furio | DeFi Investing for Long-Lasting Passive Income and Wealth

Recently, another Medium author mentioned me in his story about Furio and it inspired me to write this. I encourage you to read the story I’m referring to below. Thank you CryptoKnight for the mention! 🙏

I felt obliged to come up with an additional thing that I like (love) about Furio which was not difficult to do. Furio is my favorite DeFi project right now and I never thought anything would be able to take that accolade from Drip which was without doubt my most profitable DeFi investment ever. For the record, I still love Drip but I think I love Furio more. It’s very rapidly become a ‘mature’ investment platform with a long list of reasons to love it.
Here are my top 6, in no particular order…

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