"It will be a Bloodbath in Crypto!" | Raoul Pal Bitcoin Price Prediction

“It will be a Bloodbath in Crypto!” | Raoul Pal Bitcoin Price Prediction

In this video, Raoul Pal, explains why a Global Recession and huge Inflation is coming right now, and what you should do to protect yourself and your family against it. This is probably one of the most important videos we have on the channel, so pay close attention and share it with your friends!

Not only that, but he also does a Bitcoin Price Prediction that’s similar to Gareth Soloway, and he even says that it goes to $20.000.

On Raoul Pal’s latest video on Crypto he talks about what’s happening to Bitcoin, Ethereum and the Crypto Market in general and what you should or SHOULD NOT do now! That Includes NFTs and Tokenization!

These are the latest crypto news and crypto update by Raoul Pal on Youtube!

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Raoul Pal is a well-known Crypto Enthusiast, Business Cycle Economist, Investment Strategist and Economian Historian. Founder of Real Vision and Real Vision Crypto, he has been a huge reference in the space with his macro framework, thoughts and predictions.


Real Vision Finance
Inflation, Stagflation, and Recession: No Way Out?

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