Is this game the NEXT DeFi Kingdoms?!

If you feel like you weren’t early to DeFi Kingdoms, this might be your chance. Today I’ll be reviewing another upcoming DeFi metaverse game launching on the Harmony blockchain.

Could this be the next DeFi Kingdoms?

As you might know, I believe DeFi Kingdoms is one of the best opportunities in crypto today.

It’s a play-to-earn NFT game that doubles as a decentralized crypto exchange.

I’ve talked in length about my strategy for DeFi Kingdoms in other videos (linked below), but in short…

Right now, my focus is on accumulating as much #JEWEL as possible so I can single-stake it in Crystalvale for #CRYSTAL when the expansion of DeFi Kingdoms over to Avalanche happens (I expect this February 15th give or take a few days)

To accumulate $JEWEL, my number one strategy is staking JEWEL, AVAX, LUNA & MATIC in the LP Gardens to earn a 300-400% return.

But the yields you can get are likely to get a lot better – very soon.

When Serendale, the primary game in DeFi Kingdoms dropped, early investors got 15,000%+ returns for being early to provide liquidity in the liquidity pools (the Gardens).

When DeFi Kingdoms expands to the Avalanche network (AVAX) – it will make it the first game to be multichain.

When it does, the new Ice Gardens in Crystalvale – the expansion – will likely provide an incredible yield for early investors.

I am personally speculating 1,000%+ – but it could be higher (or lower, due your own diligence!)

The only way to obtain these yields is by holding $CRYSTAL, which you’ll be able to obtain by single staking JEWEL in the new bank.

Crystalvale is going to be pretty crowded though, and I expect a lot of big investors to jump on the opportunity.

So if you’re looking for a new, upcoming play, this could be the one.

This is not intended to be financial advice – but just what I am doing.

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