How to create Coinbase account 2021 (Sign up BONUS 10💲 + tutorial)

💡 How to create and register Coinbase account with sign-up bonus 10💲.
📌 Get $10 on Coinbase if buy over $100 ►
📌 10% discount on Binance fees ►
📌 Cryptocurrency Wallet Trezor ►

🗯 In this video, we’ll show you how to create account on Coinbase and some basic things you should know about investing into cryptocurrencies and using Coinbase. You can use a 10 dollar sign-up bonus by using the link above and once you buy cryptocurrency worth 100 USD you will receive 10 USD in Bitcoin. To start, we’ll talk about the Coinbase cryptocurrency exchange, show you a complete video tutorial on how to register an account, hang on until the end of the video, tell you how to save on fees by exchanging cryptocurrencies on the Coinbase PRO crypto exchange, set up regular payments on Coinbase, and get free cryptocurrencies using the Coinbase Earn program. If you are dealing with larger amounts of cryptocurrencies or want to hold them for a longer period of time, the safest option is to use an offline hardware wallet such as Trezor (

🗯 Cryptocurrencies have become attractive whether in terms of a long-term alternative investment more resistant to inflation compared to investing in stocks, an interesting form of capital interest in the tens of percent per year through the so-called “staking” of cryptocurrencies, which we will discuss separately in the next video, or simply a popular asset for short-term speculation due to its volatility.

▶️ How to buy Bitcoin & crypto with credit/debit card 💳 ►
▶️ How to invest in cryptocurrency on Coinbase ►

00:00 Intro
00:42 What is Coinbase?
01:27 Coinbase account registration instructions
03:33 How to Buy Cryptocurrency on Coinbase
04:59 How to Save on Coinbase Fees
06:12 Regular Payments on Coinbase
06:48 How to Earn Cryptocurrency for Free on Coinbase

Where to buy cryptocurrency? 🔎❓

🥇 Crypto exchange Binance (
🥈 Crypto exchange Coinbase (
Brokers where we can trade cryptocurrencies
🏅 eToro (over 14 crypto BTC, ETH, BCH, XRP, DASH …)
🎖️ XTB (over 25 cryptocurrencies BTC, XRP, ETH …)

Where to hold crypto? Hardware wallets are safest 💰🔗

Trezor crypto hardware wallet ►
Ledger crypto hardware wallet ►

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