How to buy Radix using Coinbase and Bitfinex (suitable for Americans and Europeans, maybe more)

This is a guide on buying Radix/XRD. First, you will buy Stellar (XLM) on Coinbase, then you will transfer it to Bitfinex and use it to buy Radix, which you can then withdraw and stake. Bookmarks are below.

A couple of notes on choosing who to stake to. The key metric is uptime, so try to select someone with 99.99% – 100%. Fee should also be considered but the difference between a 1% and a 3% fee is only about 0.2% APY. Uptime is by far the most important metric. Try to select someone below the top 10 in terms of stake.

You will need:

ID card (passport, drivers license)
Credit/Debit card
Mobile phone and number
Piece of paper and pen

Website links:

0:00 Intro
0:55 Coinbase sign up
3:20 Buying crypto on coinbase
4:20 Bitfinex warnings/intro
6:04 Bitfinex sign up
7:15 Depositing Stellar from Coinbase
9:20 Setting up your Radix Wallet
11:55 Trading Stellar for Radix
14:40 Withdrawing to Radix Wallet
16:05 Staking your XRD

This video was funded by a Radix investor.

To learn more about Radix check out:

Disclaimer: I accept no liability if you lose funds during this process. If you are from a banned country and you decide to use Bitfinex, never use Bitfinex without a vpn, and never use Bitfinex for more than $10k USD.

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