How Miners Can SAVE Crypto Mining?!

Full-time crypto miners, mining youtubers, crypto devs, project leads, and hardware designers discuss how miners can potentially save cryptocurrency mining and how to get more mineable coins! Subscribe for more real mining content –

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Miners don’t want mining to go away, pretty much everyone else does so uh why exactly is that? is proof of work mining wasteful or is PoW actually the best blockchain consensus mechanism ever?! How can we incentivize miners to not dump their coins and to support the cryptocurrencies they mine, and how can we encourage more cryptos to launch as mineable coins instead of staking or simply tokens on top of other Proof Of Stake PoS blockchains? We brainstorm some ideas and more today!

⏰ Timestamps ⏰
00:00 How can miners help save mining?
00:50 Get $10 for free with FTX
01:12 Do miners & mining pools contribute to projects?
09:10 How can developers help miners?
12:01 How GPU mining degraded over time
17:24 Should mining hardware be monitored?
21:24 Converting energy into money

Drew Vosk of VoskCoin, Kristy “OhGodAGirl” Minehan and Reuben Yap of Firo featured in today’s video!
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