Gemini The NEXT 72 HOURS (January 18-20)Tarot Card Reading

This is a tarot card reading for the zodiac sign Gemini. this channel is about making tarot easy to and to navigate in life via the tarot.

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My Favorite Tarot/Oracle Decks:
The Rider-Waite Tarot
Romance Angel Tarot Deck
Magical Unicorn Oracle Cards
Chakra Wisdom Tarot Deck
Starseed Tarot Card
Arcanum tarot
Butterfly Oracle Cards
Mystic Mondays
Smith Waite Tarot Deck
Prism Tarot
Modern Witch Tarot
Mystical Manga Tarot Card
The Enchanted Love Tarot
Angel Answers Oracle Cards
Shamanic Healing Oracle Cards

Disclaimer: all general tarot readings will not resonate with you due to the fact they are general all personal readings ARE your best bet for accuracy.

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