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Ethernauts, ETH Celestials and anyone interested in Ethereum. Here is my latest ETH technical analysis forecast with price target prediction update of the voyage it’s on and the possible rollercoaster it will take us on. Let’s forecast where the direction and momentum is going for ETH. I will go into price chart analysis for reasonable scenarios.
I will be documenting my journey of out-of-the-box next dimension technical analysis and charting of Ethereum, other cryptos and tokens. Maybe some other assets in the long future 🚀📈 Keep stopping by for new content. Straight to the point. Max value per minute.

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⌛Time Dimensions⌛
0:00 Special intro for Ethereum from Seoul
0:16 What’s going on with ETH? + close results to last video🙂
1:02 1st ETH forecast scenario w/price predictions + 💎pathway 1
3:15 Variant of the 1st scenario w/price + 💎pathway 2
4:51 Hybrid scenario w/price + 💎pathway 3 (possible amazing chance)
6:41 💎Hang in there. May the gains be with u🙏 I’ll keep helping with trade ideas to make gains along the ride 🙂

🙏About Me:
After numerous life tribulations, failures, financial hardships, toxic relationships, heart breaks, bad decision making, and everything in between, I had an epiphany and a new found vision to put these experiences together to share with everyone in my content.
I want to share certain aspects of life and experience in a unique angle and twist that will make people not only enjoy watching my content but making a positive impact💯 Let’s see how much we can grow this channel.

I’ve been in the crypto space since 2017 and had my first taste of successful gains which is one aspect of my long voyage of becoming a financially free digital entrepreneur/investor/teacher/creator living on my terms. I want to share what I’ve learned, while moving forward along into the future seeing how the market/industry/trends changes and evolves.

I love reading charts/graphs, learning about new crypto projects and the problems they solve so I’ll be documenting the growth of my technical analysis and market knowledge of the crypto space. I believe this area is super fascinating and is really part of the future of our world.
I hope to help others to better understand the crypto space and also to become a better trader/investor while I grow and hone my skills at the same time.This will be an on-going journey.

I’ve also been in B2B education for over 11 years helping companies of all sizes and calibers in various industries such as IT(Google), Gaming(Electronic Arts), Electronics(Samsung), Fashion(Louis Vuitton/H&M), Media Entertainment(Disney), Pharmaceutical(Novartis), Automobile(GM Motors), Advertisement(HyundaiKia), Food & Beverage(CJ), E-Commerce(Lotte), Telecommunications(SK), Oil & Gas(Aramco), Semiconductor, Finance, Law, Medical, Advertisement, Golf technology, and so forth.

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🚨DISCLAIMER: This video, and the ideas shown in it, are for education, information, and entertainment purposes. This video is not financial advice. Please make sure to do your own proper and thorough research.

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