Ethereum Mining Rigs Home Setup on NVIDIA RTX Graphic Cards

Thank you so much for all your comments and feedback guys. In this video I am showing my mining basement with 12GPUs 3080 RTX, 3070, RTX and 3060TI RTX, 6700XT AMD with two gaming setups OMEN 30L HP, ABS computers

My current Setup:

RIG1: (Asrock H110 BTC, 3X 3070 RTX by EVGA, 2X 3060Ti by EVGA, 1X 3060 by TUF)

RIG2: (Biostar TB 360, 3X 3080 RTX by HP, 1X 3070 RTX by HP)

PC1: Omen by HP (i7 10700, 32GB RAM, 3080 RTX, 1TB NVME M.2)

PC2: ABS Computers (i5 10400, 16GB RAM, 6700XT by TUF. 1TB NVME M.2)

This is how I am mining crypto in August 2021. Current profits varies from 55-70$ per day. Electricity bill 250-270$ per month.

Links for buying PCs:

OMEN 30L by HP:

Items we used to build the rig:

✅ 1. SSD Kingston 120GB –
✅ 2. Mother Board Biostar TB360 Pro – or ❗️
ASROCK H110 pro –
✅ 3. CPU Intel i3 (8th Gen) –
or Celeron G4900 –
✅ 4. DDR RAM 8GB –
✅ 5. VEDDHA Frame –
✅ 6. PSU Corsair 750W platinum – or ❗️
Evga 850w Gold – or ❗️
ThermalTake 1200W platinum (you will need only one) –
✅ 7. PCIe VGA cable splitters – (3 pieces)
✅ 8. Risers – (6 pieces)
✅ 9. NVIDIA RTX 3070s – (the only ones available on amazon) please check other websites for better pricing. ❗️❗️❗️
✅ 10. Wifi Adapter –

✅ 11. Monitor 20inch – (only if you are shopping for one) only 99$

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