Cthulhu vs Kraken पूरी धरती पे छा जाएगा अँधेरा जब लड़ेंगे ये दो महादानव

People does not know about Giant squid size but some people speculate them as one of the most famous ocean legend Kraken. Some naturalist believes that tales of kraken could be real and kraken is nothing but a Giant squid. Can a Gaint Squid be as big as Kraken ?
Cthulhu is considered to be one of the mysterious ocean legend. It was first described by the author H.P Lovecraft in his book The call of cthulhu. The book went really famous and people started believing this creature to exist in deep oceans. Cthulhu is described as the giant creature who is 150-160 feet tall, it has face like octopus, body like humans and couple of wings on his back like a dragon. It is believed resides into deep of the ocean and waiting to rise again. In this video we have discussed what will happen if cthulhu and kraken had come face to face ?

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