Compass Mining Review | Bitcoin Mining Setup for Beginners

In this video I give you a Compass Mining review – the best way to get into Bitcoin mining for beginners! Compass mining is a plug and play mining solution that gives you ownership over the ASIC miner that you purchase from Compass Mining’s ASIC marketplace. When you purchase an ASIC from Compass Mining you have the option of mining with that ASIC at home or having that ASIC hosted over at one of Compass Mining’s certified hosting facilities.

While Compass Mining is a great service and is excellent for beginners who have little to no understanding of how to set up a Bitcoin mining operation – there are still a lot of risks that come with Bitcoin mining and specific risks that come with using Compass Mining. I go through those risks with you in this video because I think it’s important for you guys to understand what you’re investing in and not to just think that miners are magical money printing passive income machines.

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Scope of This Video 0:00
What is Compass Mining? 1:27
Payment Methods 4:11
CeFi Transfer Issue 6:28
Compass Mining Payment Plans 7:32
Compass Mining Risks 8:16
Other Variables to Consider 12:18
Ending on a Positive Note 13:44

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