COIN STOCK or COINBASE STOCK is set to report 3rd quarter earnings & there is a huge opportunity to take advantage of this earnings. As we saw with ROBINHOOD, the earnings were down because of the dormant state of BITCOIN, ETHEREUM, ADA, SHIBA INU & now crypto are flying again. Get 2 free stocks up to $1850 when you open your account with WEBULL and deposit $100 in your account by using this link 🚀 : 🔴

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In 2Q – Coinbase Earnings Crushed Estimates & now in 3rd quarter we are waiting for earnings report with some amazing trades to be made…This quarter will be interesting.

Here is expectation from Seeking Alpha on 3rd Quarter…

Different from my last article using MTU to estimate Q3 earnings, the current article uses Coinbase’s Q3 trading volume.
The revised model using trading volume can lead to a lower margin of error in estimating quarterly earnings.
Due to reduced trading volume, the revised model suggests that Q3 EPS might be just $1.1, which is lower than the street consensus.
This reduced trading volume also leads to a negative quarter-over-quarter revenue growth (i.e., Q3 vs. Q2 in 2021).
While the Q3 earnings might be disappointing, the new business of an NFT marketplace provides Coinbase investors with a more optimistic outlook in the long term.

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