Celsius Network moved $320m to FTX before halting user withdrawals, transfers

“Fears of Celsius (CEL) token pulling off a TeraUST and Luna style crash and heading to $0 is looming. Celsius fell nearly 70% after the firm announced they are pausing withdrawals to “stabilize liquidity”. The crypto staking, lending platform is now in muddy waters as rumors claim that the company unstaked $247 million worth of Wrapped Bitcoin from AAVE and sent it to FTX exchange. Speculations are rife on social media that Celsius has been moving large amounts of WBTC, Ethereum, and other cryptocurrencies while simultaneously pausing withdrawals for users.

JUST IN: Celsius reportedly transferred $320,000,000 worth of #crypto to FTX, before announcing they would halt all trading and withdrawals on the platform.”

Source: https://watcher.guru/news/celsius-token-moved-320-million-liquidity-to-ftx-after-pausing-withdrawals

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