Building a DeFi Passive Income Portfolio on Terra LUNA

In this video, I go through step-by-step how I would build a DeFi portfolio on the Terra Network. There are opportunities to create a portfolio that gives exposure to stablecoins and major cryptocurrencies, while yielding a high APR. This video is for educational purposes and is intended to give you the tools to create your own DeFi portfolio.

Anchor –
TerraSwap –
Astroport –
CoinHall –
Loop Finance –
Spectrum –
Nexus Protocol –
Stader Labs Liquid Staking –

DeFi Portfolio Series:
Avalanche Portfolio –
Fantom Portfolio –
BSC Portfolio –

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0:00 Intro
0:58 Portfolio Allocations
3:52 Platforms to Use on Terra
7:01 Stablecoins
9:13 High Conviction, Large Cap
10:29 Single Sided LUNA Yield on Nexus and Stader
11:35 Osmosis LUNA Pools
13:41 High Conviction, Small Cap
16:47 Moonshot and Degen Investments
17:54 Final Thoughts on Terra Portfolio

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