Best cryptocurrency, stocks and forex trading analysis for the week of October 31st to November 4th

Hi Traders,

Last week we had a great week trading forex live in our public trading room.
People loved it and asked many questions about forex trading, it became a great forex trading education as well.
In a poll at the end of the week, 19% said they would join the best trading group. 6% said they will join the Installments program (get twice daily live access and London recording, whilst saving up for the course and joining the group). Another 19% said they look forward to joining the Prowaveedge group. What about the others? Well 47% is already in either the group or installments program 😀
If you like to join, or know more about the course and the group, or the installments program, send a Skype message to Anil (link below).

So enjoy this weeks forex trading forecast, looking also at stocks, indices, commodities and crypto.
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Leave a comment about what more you would like to see or if things are unclear.

The method we use, wave trading, may seem danting in the beginning but after the course and some experience with identifying patterns, you’ll see it’s not that difficult.

Please trade with care!

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Educational videos:

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