Animal Farm starts TODAY! Potentially the biggest thing in Defi since DRIP. Here's my strategy.

The animal farm is starting today and I am super excited about it. I think there is huge potential.

The animal farm consists of several farms and pools. The main token in the animal farm is the “pig” token. The pig token can be put in the “pig pen” to get BUSD (a % of all the deposit fees done on the animal farm).

The second most important token in the animal farm is the “dog” token. The dog token is important because you can put it in the pools to get more pig tokens (and therefore get more BUSD).

Here is how you can get involved:
1) If you have some l2 presale tokens, join the Animal Farm telegram group (, wait for the countdown to hit zero ( and then swap your L2 Presale tokens for Pig and Dog tokens.

2) If you were not part of the presale, I would get some DRIP/BUSD LP tokens in the DRIP liberation ( and then put them in the DRIP/BUSD farm on the animal farm.

Some strategy will have to be figured out later as we see what everyone else is doing, what the price of pig and dog tokens does, and what the APRs end up being on all the farms/pools.

I hope this is helpful!

The Animal Farm:

The Manor Farm:


The Countdown:

The Animal Farm Telegram Group:

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