5-min AUTO Profit-Switching Post ETH Merge Crypto Mining Rig Farms on MinerStat OS pay NiceHash BTC

Profit Auto Switch – Minerstat OS: https://bulkcoolgpu.com/minerstat (FREE 5 rigs to start, referral helps pay for our MinerStat account)

Save 5% on our USA made copper mods/aluminum shims starting at $5.99 with FREE SHIPPING (coupon: YouTube5) – GET 5x 3080/3080 Ti Mods for $69 ships free.
Reduce your CORE and VRAM memory temperatures by up to 30c

NiceHash Top 10 Stratum (Coins) https://bulkcoolgpu.com/nhstratum (save the json file to import)

1:30 Wallet Address and Pool Stratum
2:30 Overclock Settings
2:40 Worker (Rig) Configuration
4:25 Profit Switching (Benchmark)
5:25 Success

Tutorial on how to setup your crypto mining rigs to mine the most profitable alt-coins after the ethereum merge. No Windows, No Nicehash OS (quick) Miner, No Hive. Profit Auto-Switching on MinerStat

Current top algorithms
ZelHash, kHeavyHash, ProgPowZ, CryptoNightGPU, Cuckaroo29s, CuckooCycle, CuckooCycle, Equihash (210,9), Zhash, NeoScrypt, Octopus, BeamHashIII, Autolykos, FiroPow, Etchash, Ethash

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